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DOMUS is a global cultural showcase event created by the students of Minerva Schools at KGI in collaboration with San Francisco Opera. This 90-minute performance composed of 11 acts created by artists from over 15 different countries centered around the concept of home. The performance cooperates different art forms, including music, dance, poetry and theater.

Co-created by Vick Liu and Amulya Pilla


Han Le, Sam Scarfone, Dragon Fernando Cruz-Ye, Linda Xia, Nutsa Metreveli, Amulya Pilla Leandra Pedretti, Arnav Hazra, Pablo Guarneros, Petter Hallqvist Anna Shallat, Minh-Uyen Ton& Zach Zhu, Aspen Pflughoeft, Agus Perez Del Castillo, and Company. (By Order of Appearance)

Photo credit: Adler Yang

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