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legally blonde

Photo credit: Ralph Qian

Produced by Vick Liu, Zahra Edwards, and Veronica Hua

Directed by Neema Lwande & Asha Williams

Pia Puentespina  as Elle Woods

Matthew Beaman as Emmett Forrest 

João Lopes as Warner Huntington III 

Leila Rocha Fisher as Paulette Bonafonté 

Zahra Edwards as Brooke Wyndham 

Ali Boukind as Professor Callahan 

Caro Lusnia as Vivienne Kensington 

Mia Gaudet as Enid Hoops 

Tristen Thompson as ΔΝ Sisters: Serena 

Cande Torres as ΔΝ Sisters: Margot 

Yeukai Jiri as ΔΝ Sisters: Pilar

And Company 

Legally Blonde is a student-led United World College Changshu China official production. The production team composed of over 50 students who covered jobs from producing, directing, all the way to ushering and advertising. The show’s stage costume and make-up design are also done completely by student teams. Collectively, they tell a story of Elle Woods following the love of her life to Harvard Law where, with the help of friends, she learns how to get over her need of men to prove her worth. Over three nights of performances, the show had a total audience of over 800 people.

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